5 Tips To Help Keep Relaxed This Thanksgiving Weekend

5 Tips To Help Keep Relaxed This Thanksgiving Weekend

August 26, 2020

Thanksgiving weekend starts tomorrow and for many of us, holiday weekends can sometimes get the best of us when we suddenly find ourselves overly committed in the kitchen and planning for the family get-together, especially if the whole family is coming to visit!

Here are FIVE tips to help you keep calm!

1. Carve out your plan of action ahead of time. Giving yourself enough time to get organized and plan the family get-together will make things feel a lot less hectic. And don’t wait until last minute shopping.

2. Recruit others. Don’t do everything yourself. If you’re taking charge of the big dinner or family gathering, get your partner, kids, brother, or sister to help out and don’t feel like you can’t ask family members that are coming to bring something to contribute.

3. Do your best and don’t sweat the small stuff. If things aren’t going 100% according to plan, oftentimes other people won’t even notice those “unperfected” details that you notice so it’s better to not stress too much and change gears. 

4. When the group or groups arrive, make sure you get in on the fun too! Indulge on some wine. Laugh lots. Kick it back since this moment is a reflection of what a long weekend is all about - time off and relaxation with family and friends.

5. Be sure to get outside and enjoy the fresh autumn air. Indoors can sometimes be a bit stuffy especially if a lot of people show up so get everyone outside and have fun!

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!