Fasting and Cleansing Shown to Have Positive Effects on the Immune System

Fasting and Cleansing Shown to Have Positive Effects on the Immune System

August 26, 2020

A study published in the journal, Cell Stem Cell identifies the benefits that fasting and by extension, Juice Cleansing has on the immune system.

Hematopoietic stem cells (cells that give rise to all other blood cells including  white blood cells) are awakened from a dormant phase to an active phase.  A fasting period of 2-4 days was shown to signal the multi-potent stem cells to become active and regenerate new blood cells which replaced older, less functional and damaged cells.  

What’s more, this study points out that chemotherapy has a significant damaging effect on the body as it harshly reduces a persons white blood cell count. Periods of fasting then, was a key discovery to activating dormant multi-potent stem cells and regenerating immune cells to boost the body's overall defence against foreign invaders. 

Prolonged fasting also forces the body to burn fat stores and ketones as sources of energy once the body has depleted its glycogen reserves (glucose reserves inside muscle and liver tissue). Burning lipids/fats as energy also eliminates stored heavy metals and other environmental toxins since fat tissue is a safe storage site for these impurities. (Side Note: drinking plenty of liquids during a fast is important to flush impurities from the digestive system for excretion).

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