7 Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Fall

7 Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Fall

August 26, 2020

So you've gotten too much sun this summer and we all know what starts to happen to our hands, face, and feet as the colder months reign in. Yep - good old man winter sets in only to give us rougher, duller, and dryer skin! Sure, sure, there's that pesky thing called aging BUT you certainly have the tools to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your skin's health and appearance! Just follow these 7 daily tips! Let me know how it goes!

drink water, stay hydrated, glass water bottle, drinking water for skin health, drinking water for health1. Carry a water bottle with you - drink plenty of water and refill. You'll head to the bathroom more often no doubt but your skin will thank you! We're made up mostly of H2O so keep a glass or stainless steel water bottle with you all day long and keep sipping! Even when you're not thirsty, having your bottle with you will remind you to stay hydrated and looking fresh!

Saaboon exfoliating soap, coffee grind exfoliant, exfoliating soap, locally handcrafted soap2. Exfoliate. Make it a weekly routine in the shower to gently remove those dead skin cells and make way for the new ones! You don't want to look like a shedding snake! I recommend using Saaboon's Coffee Break, a hand-crafted, Ottawa-local exfoliating soap bar. To find out more, click HERE. Another awesome Ottawa-local and handcrafted company that has just emerged is called just.be.nude. They don't have a website yet but you can check them out on their growing Instagram feed: @just.be.nude

moisturizing face cream, natural moisturizing cream, eco-friendly moisturizer, hydrating natural moisturizer3. Moisturize. Make it part of your morning routine! I personally use an eco-friendly, non-toxic, hormone-disruption-free moisturizer after the shower each morning! I highly discourage the use of petroleum based products because frankly, that's just a toxic sludge you're slapping on your skin. The "Environmental Working Group" website on better skin products is a great resource. Click HERE to check out their impressive database! 

healthy fats, healthy fats for skin, fats and skin health, avocado for skincare, avocado for skin health, avocado oil for skincare4. Grease it up! Yup - you heard me! Your skin is a reflection of what you eat and I'll talk a little more about that in a sec. Every single day, throw in the fats. Fats have gotten a lot of bad publicity over the years but the rule of thumb is this: If it's made in a lab, then avoid it like the plague! Naturally occurring fats are going to make your skin and your brain shine! Here is my go-to list: Avocados, Olives, Seeds (pumpkin, chia), Coconut oil (safe to heat), Avocado oil (safe to heat), Olive oil (better to use as a dressing and not heat). 


If you're curious to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend visiting Ottawa's local Caven Nutrition Group, Amy Longard Nutrition, and/or San Diego's The Whole Journey by Christa Orecchio.

leafy green salad, healthy green salad, salad for skincare, salad for health, leafy greens for beauty5. Bring on the fruits and leafy greens! This is so so important because fruits and leafy greens contain powerful protective antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals, and enzymes. Go wild! If you seriously focus on this one, you'll change your palette, reduce your sugar cravings, and ultimately see your skin start to tighten, glow, and look younger! Eat as many as you wish and let me know how it goes because I'm excited to hear about it! Busy? Need a quick antioxidant fix? We make life that much easier by cold-pressing organic veggies and fruits on the daily. Click HERE to find out more!

sugar is addictive, unhealthy sugar, addictive sugar, sugar causes skin problems6. Cut the refined SH**! That means little to no bread, wheat, gluten, SUGAR - you know...all of those buzz words. Just cut them out because they promote inflammation, they're unnatural, and they'll make your skin, joints, and digestion suffer! Eat fruits instead and don't worry so much about calorie or sugar counting. These are natural forms and your body knows how to process these. 

sleeping for health, good night's sleep, improved sleep for health, sleeping improves health, sleeping for skin health7. Get your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep! Research shows that the most restful sleep occurs when: 1. You get to bed by 10 PM; 2. You stretch, do yoga, read, or do any kind of relaxation or mindfulness ritual before going to bed; 3. You put away the phone, iPad, and make your room pitch black; 4. You wake up naturally without loud blistering alarm clocks (if this is possible in your schedule, it's a good idea to incorporate this but don't sleep past the point of being groggy all day!)

To learn more about sleep, check out the Canadian Sleep Society.

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