How To Transition Back To Solid Foods After Your Juice Cleanse

How To Transition Back To Solid Foods After Your Juice Cleanse

August 26, 2020

You might be wondering what's the best way to transition back to solid foods after doing a juice cleanse. It's a common question we get and so here are FIVE TIPS that we recommend post-cleanse. You'll experience a seamless transition back to solid foods with better results just by following these

morning breakfast smoothie1. Begin your morning with a nutrient-packed smoothie! Smoothies are a fantastic way to get your macronutrients and your micronutrients in an easily digestible way that also help to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels stable. A breakfast in thick-liquid form will help you transition more easily because you won't be diving right back in when your stomach might not want something too heavy post-cleanse and first thing in the morning!

zero to sixty2. Don’t go from zero to sixty! We recommend going easy during your transition which might take 2 or 3 days. Instead of pure solid grub full throttle, try keeping to a couple smoothies per day as meals or snacks in addition to the solids, do some juicing at home, and drink plenty of water apart from your meals. Drinking too much water with a meal will dilute enzymes, impairing your body's ability to easily digest the food you just ate. Your body will still be in detox mode and many of the impurities that were released into your digestive system can be easily eliminated with a proper transition back to solid foods. Get in the fibre-rich foods from vegetables, fruits, and chia seeds to facilitate the removal of impurities from the gut.




nuts and seeds for fuel3. Fuel your body with fruits, nuts, and seeds. Instead of reaching for the breads, bagels, and cereals, turn to eating all the fruits you want. Fruits contain natural sugars that will fuel your body and when combined with proteins and fats from nuts and seeds, you’ll feel more alert with stable insulin and blood sugar.

raw food 4. Make it raw. Make sure you get plenty of vegetables and fruits with at least 50% being raw so that you're getting plenty of live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You'll be fuelling your body with the right sources of macronutrients with an abundance of micronutrients to keep your body working like a charm

organic food5. Eat organics and from the Clean 15. Staying clear of lower quality foods will ensure you’re getting more nutrients in, each time you sit down to eat. Organics typically contain more plant based nutrients due to richer soils from better farming practices. Eating higher quality and more nutrient-dense foods will also optimize the way you look and feel making for a more seamless transition. And once you've completed your post-cleanse transition back to solid foods, we recommend trying to stay clear of unprocessed foods as much as possible because you'll feel amazing!