How to Manage Body Weight Naturally

How to Manage Body Weight Naturally

August 26, 2020

One of the common questions we get asked at URBAN JUICE PRESS is "how can I shed these pesky pounds that seem so impossible to lose?"

When it comes to weight-loss and weight management, it can be an ongoing battle and it's easy to look for quick fixes or drastic measures that might not be the healthiest option.

It's better to think of weight-loss as a perk that comes with improving your habits and focusing on your health first.


exercise and nutrition for weight loss


We all possess the ability to make or break habits and when you can focus on making more health-positive habits, you'll see amazing changes unfold. To lose that stubborn weight or simply manage your weight more effectively, we recommend following these 6 steps:

1. Know your habits first: 

know your habits

Jot down a typical day in the life - What do you typically eat? How much water do you consume? Do you smoke? Are you moving and getting enough exercise? This will help to paint a bird's eye view of your holistic health profile and you'll be able to make more informed choices with greater awareness about your habits.



setting good habits Now that you have a big picture view of some of your regular habits, set some health-positive goals in areas you identified above. By focusing on improving your health habits, the weight will take care of itself. Maybe you noticed you're not drinking enough water, maybe you noticed you could eat an extra salad each day, or maybe you noticed you mostly drive instead of walk or bike? When goal setting, start small and work by adding positive habits rather than than by eliminating the bad habits all together. Naturally, by adding good habits, the bad habits will eventually disappear. It's a good idea to journal along the way and Happiness Habits 613 is a an excellent community that shares tips for goal setting, journaling, and more.

3. Consistency Pays Off:

not giving up

When you decide which areas you want to focus attention, don't stress and give up when things don't go according to plan! Building long-lasting positive habits takes time. With some consistency and patience on your part, the weight will take care of itself. If you're not seeing results right away, don't give up. See your goals as a way to attaining long-term health benefits rather than expecting quick surface results. Remember that the long-term approach will have a much more effective and positive outcome!

4. Keep it simple: 

keeping things simple

When it comes to food, don't overcomplicate it by calorie counting. Instead, the best thing you can do is to eat and drink a wide variety of high quality and nutritionally dense whole foods and with patience, you'll see dramatic improvements in health and naturally, more effective weight management and anticipated weight loss. 

6. Group them together:

grouping together carbs, fats, and proteins

Your proteins, fats, and good-source carbohydrates should be combined together at meals. This will help to keep your blood sugar stable, your muscles happy, and your body burning more calories! Think fruits and nuts together!

5. Exercise daily:

exercise for weight loss Move lots. Walk. We're creatures that need to move to stay healthy and our natural ability to keep in motion helps keep the weight in check.

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