Why should you consume Green Juice

Why should you consume Green Juice

September 28, 2021

Juicing is extracting the juices from fruits and vegetables, and drinking juice every day can be one of the healthiest steps towards living healthily and increasing your immunity. Green Juice Cleanse provides several benefits to our body, including weight loss, reduced inflammation, more excellent immunity, improved digestion, etc. Green juice is explicitly extracted from green fruits and vegetables, and there is no formal recipe for the same preparation. Vegetables like spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, kale, parsley are the usual ingredients used in the preparation.

Advantages of Drinking Green Juice Cleanse

  • Improved Health: The green juice cleanse, also used as a detox diet drink that helps increase nutrients and eliminate waste and toxins.
  • Eliminates Toxins: It is also supposed to aid the body's natural detoxification processes by removing sugar, caffeine, processed meals, and other energy-depleting compounds from the diet, although there is no established evidence for the same.
  • Provides Nutrients: Green Juice cleanses and detoxifies the body while also providing oxygen. They provide nutrients and nourishment and help in managing blood sugar levels, and keeps the body in balance.
  • Manages Hunger: Green juice can aid in the management of hunger pangs. Increased fluid intake, mainly green drinks, reduces discomfort. Its fiber level also keeps you fuller for longer, letting you stick to a healthy diet without feeling deprived.
  • Boosts Enzyme Production: They help in the better production of enzymes in the body by assisting in creating cells in the body.
  • Better Digestion: The enzymes in raw juice may help with digestion. The leafy green vegetables also help in improving gut microbiota.
  • Improves Immunity: Your immunity improves with regular consumption of green juice cleanse, and you get better prepared for fighting diseases. Green leafy vegetables are high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, which help you stay healthy.


While consuming green juice has a plethora of advantages, they also have certain disadvantages. Green Juice Cleanse is the shortest method of restricting calories severely that ultimately would result in disordered eating. Green juices also have several health disadvantages, such as they induce kidney stones, lead to low blood sugar, and bacterial infections. The consumption of green juice should be coupled with a proper diet plan, and it is better advised to consult a dietician or nutritionist before consuming them.

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