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Catherine's Story

My name is Catherine and I recommend Urban Juice Press to everyone I know and meet because frankly, they're doing such amazing work that really improves people's lives! They're eco-conscious with the use and re-use of glass bottles. They're super healthy with focus on pressing more vegetables versus fruits and they care about quality and service! I discovered this amazing company because my issue is and has always been digestion and I needed some kind of health reboot to give my digestive system a few days to heal and that's when I ordered a Juice Cleanse from Urban Juice Press through their website! I've always had problems with my digestion but after trying it the first time, I was hooked...cleansing helps to reset my gut & eat better! Discovering this, I couldn't be more pleased! My gut just needs time to take a pause, rest, and repair! I now order at least 6 times per year and my gut couldn't be more happy or healthy! Thank you to everyone at Urban Juice Press and keep up what you do best! - Catherine


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