Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressed juices are made of fresh fruits and vegetables. Such juices offer endless benefits such as promoting weight loss, boosting the immune system, improving vision, assisting the body in detox, improving skin imperfections, and a lot more. As cold pressed juices do not have any added sugars or artificial sweeteners, they provide the required vitamins and nutrients to the body. Unlike solid food items, cold pressed juices don’t take much time to be absorbed by the body.

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A lot of celebrities trust cold pressed juices for a clearer skin and healthy body. Cold pressed juices promote weight loss and energize the body quickly. One can consume cold pressed juice in the morning or before any meal to enjoy its benefit. Eating a well-balanced diet along with cold pressed juice helps you lose weight faster and help you meet the daily nutrition requirement.

The fiber content in cold pressed juices is higher, so they support your digestive system. Such juices help aid good digestion. It also helps to remove the toxic substances from the body and eliminate waste materials. Being easy to digest, they can be an efficient way to include fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. You will look and feel great when you start consuming cold pressed juices.

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Our delicious cold-pressed juices can be picked up at our storefront, or shipped throughout the Ottawa/Gatineau area within three days for a flat rate of $15. All of our juices are shipped and delivered cold in order to maintain freshness. Special arrangements can be made if you’re not home at the scheduled delivery time.

We plan to expand our shipping area to Montreal and Toronto as soon as possible so more and more people can enjoy JOOS’ flavorful, beneficial cold-pressed juices. Packaging and shipping details will be updated as we work on bringing you appetizing, cleansing cold-pressed juices.

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