What is Cold Pressed Juice?

The method used to make cold pressed juice is quite different from other method of juice extraction we are familiar with.  Unlike the other methods which use high speed spinning blades to extract the juice, Cold pressed juice (as the name suggests) is made by pressing fruits and vegetables between two plates at a very high pressure to extract the juices


Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice?

When using a traditional centrifugal for juice extraction, the blades spins so rapidly that they generate heat which destroys heat sensitive vitamins and cause denaturation of some important enzymes. The process also allows air to enter the extracted juice which causes oxidation of some nutrients. The end result is a freshly squeezed juice, but with a lower nutritional content than the fresh produce.

With our Cold-Pressed method, on the other hand, no heat is produced during the extraction process. The nutrients and enzymes are preserved and you will get all the nutrients present in the fresh fruits and vegetables.


What is H.P.P?

High Pressure Processing (H.P.P), is a state-of-the-art process based on what is commonly known as pressure cycles which uses pressure instead of heat to kill harmful pathogens present in foods. This process is considered the safest food preservation and involves the fresh juice, already sealed in its final packaging, being subjected to extremely high hydrostatic pressure, where water is used as the pressurization fluid. The high pressure disrupts the microbial cells, thereby destroying harmful pathogens present in the foods, while leaving the smaller molecules such as vitamins and flavour particles unaffected. The juice therefore has a longer shelf life, is safer for consumption and has virtually all the same nutritional content and flavour as the produce.


What is the shelf life of our cold pressed juice?

The HPP process guarantee a shelf life of 30 days, if unopened and kept in refrigerator.  

The juices are made from raw fresh fruits and vegetables and are therefore easily perishable. This is why it is important that they are always kept refrigerated and stay chilled until they are consumed.  Once opened, the juice should be consumed within 2 days maximum.


What is Probiotic and how does it benefit me?

Probiotics have a number of benefits for your body. They help balance the healthy bacteria in your digestive system, aiding digestion, reducing gas, increasing muscle health and recovery, aiding your immune system and much more.

For more detailed information on the specific Probiotic we use (Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30), please check out this article from the US National Institute of Health by clicking here!


Why we give our customers a packet of chia seeds?

Cold pressed juices are usually low in dietary fibre, as the fibres remain in the pressed pulps which are discarded. Dietary fibres are important for digestive health and regular bowel movements. This is why we offer Chia seeds with our juice cleanses so that you can get the daily intake of fibre while doing your cleanse. It will help to clean your bowels during the detoxification process.

Chia seeds also help to reduce hunger and appetite by increasing the feeling of satiety, while giving you a boost of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, iron, and calcium to your cleanse diet.


What is a Cleanse? Benefits of doing a cleanse.

A juice cleanse is simply a type of diet where solid foods are being replaced by juices made from fruits and vegetables. The aim of a juice cleanse is to give your digestive tract a break and to detoxify the body while providing a boost of vitamins and minerals needed for overall heath.

Though doing a cleanse can be very beneficial to the body, if you have any health problems, for example (but not limited to) diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, kidney or heart disease, etc. we highly recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a juice cleanse. 

Juice cleanse more than 3 days should be followed by a doctor.


What to expect when doing a cleanse?

It is normal to experience symptoms of detoxification during the cleanse, especially if it is your first time.  These can include headache, fatigue, and nausea. This happens because the body releases toxins into the bloodstream that have been stored away in adipose tissue (fat cells) as well as the liver and other organs. Once released into the bloodstream, the next step is to eliminate them from the digestive system.  The type and intensity of detoxification symptoms will vary from person-to-person based on individual biochemistry and how healthy the diet was prior to starting this program.

We recommend that you try to relax and take special care of yourself during the cleanse – do a home facial, soak in a warm bath, practice meditation, yoga, listen to music etc.


What to expect after a cleanse?

You may notice some positive changes such as reduced bloating, improved digestion, an improved skin tone, some weight loss, better sleep and a more uplifted mood.


Why we use Plastic Bottles?

Packaging is subjected to the same conditions as the food during the HPP process. The type of packaging materials used, should therefore have some particular characteristics to be able to withstand the process.  It should be water / high pressure resistant and flexible enough to resist all the stress of the HPP process.

Many customers asked us why we don’t use glass bottles? Glass bottles are not very good candidates for HPP as they are not flexible and are unable to withstand anywhere near the pressure. 

Plastic bottles, on the other hand, possess all the desired characteristics – good elasticity, waterproof and pressure resistant – and this is why we use plastic bottles for our juices.

Rest assured - our juice bottles are high quality, stable, BPA free and recyclable.


Where do we source our ingredients?

Our first option is to purchase our ingredients from local farmers so as to support local businesses.  We first source from farmers in the Ottawa regions and if not available or possible for any particular reason, we then purchase from nearby towns in Ontario or nationwide.  We use imported fruits and vegetables, only as a last option, making sure that they have been produced following good agricultural practices.


Why does the juice separate in the bottle?

The sediments at the bottle of the juice bottles, are the plant materials and they are very rich in nutrients.  Since our juices are not clarified and we do not use any stabilizers, the sediments which are heavier than water, sink and settle at the bottom.  So, give it a shake before drinking.