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Activated Charcoal



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  • Activated charcoal is all the rage these days. There’s more to this powerful ingredient than you may think. For starters it's detoxifying, aids digestion, and skin enhancing.

    There are millions of tiny pores in activated charcoal which trap toxins and chemicals in your body, and keeps your body from (re)absorbing these toxins and chemicals. So, looking for a quick toxin-flushing cleanse? Then this is your drink. This charcoal lemonade is the full-body detox juice you've been craving. 

  • Ingredients: Apple, Lemon, Activated Charcoal, Probiotics

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  • Pickups: Available Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm: 1169 Parisien St. (off St. Laurent Blvd near 417 exit). *Orders must be placed minimum 3 business days advance before noon. Confirmation of your pickup date will be sent via email.

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