Juice Cleanse

Are you looking for a safe and secure way to lose weight faster?

Do you want to shed extra body weight and live a healthy lifestyle?

We all live in the world of toxins. Giving your digestive system a break can be the perfect option to eliminate toxins and increase energy levels and vitality. In today’s busy lives, people don’t have enough time to cook healthy meals, and they choose unhealthy food items that have a lot of adverse effects on their body. Juice cleanses can help you bring your mind and body back to life. Being packed with nutrients, a juice cleanse is the best detoxification diet.

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People can opt for a three to fifteen days juice cleanse diet to provide incredible amounts of nutrition. You can stay away from junk by avoiding cravings for unhealthy food items. A juice cleanse diet can help you attain a flat stomach, clearer skin, and a healthy body. Kickstart your clean eating routine and consume juice cleanses to reset your body. One can experience instant energy in the body with a juice cleanse diet. You can prepare juice from fresh vegetables and fruits at home or buy cold pressed juices for healthy and clean eating regime.

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We ship our juices anywhere in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, within a three day window for just $15. Or, if it suits you better, you can pick up your cold-pressed juice directly from our storefront. Remember, our juices aren’t just cold-pressed, they’re cold shipped as well, so you have the freshest, most delicious juice possible. Not going to be home on delivery day? Let us know and we’ll ship your juice with cold packs to keep it fresh, tasty, and healthy for you.

We’ll soon be widening our delivery area to include both Montreal and Toronto, so the delicious      taste and health benefits of JOOS’ cold-pressed juices will be at your fingertips whenever you want it.

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